Monday, April 4, 2011

Come Back Blog

I have been off for a long long time from bloging. Reasons are usual work and more work. Past few months was working on a  large migration project. Must say it was a great experience. We have stretched UCM, might I say to its limits and found lots of new features that we never taught existed.

Off late I am seeing lot of question in Oracle forums asking about how to migrate to UCM from other CM products like Intervowen or MCMS, well I have got some good news for them I will be putting upon a blog soon on how to approach this.

There are lot of other things to say about the product, will post them soon.

Thanks Dimitri for putting my blog in additional resources section of his book. Was presently surprised while reading the book :)

Congrats to John for forging forces with Fishbowl solutions. Must say Fishbowl has found an able alliance for there EMEA All the best John

 More soon.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, and also migrating from Vignette