Sunday, June 20, 2010

I donot hate sales people

I would like to reiterate, I do not hate sales people, I have a job becoz of guys in sales.
  Take a look at the video and you will know why developers and system integrator have a love hate relationship with sales and marketing teams.
Weather its plain talking or great presentation skills or what ever they sell with huge promises which guys like me have to full fill.

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PS: This video first appeared from Alan Paelz link here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

UCM 11g! Other Side Story

     UCM 11g is released and you can down load it here and read nice things about it at C4, bex, kyle and in case you are some one who is interested to look into some numbers then pdf here.
     After the initial euphoria of new product release goes down hard realities of

  • Future upgrades of existing implementation
  • Training for existing support and maintenance teams
  • Big learning curve for system integrators and architects doing new implementation
  • No proven/ available implementations or methodologies or bench marks
  • Resource crunch of people who can implement and develop in 11G
are to be faced.
    Off course there are specialists like FishBowl and Bezzotech who I think were part of early adaptors program and can help you with new implementations and quick turnarounds, but I doubt if they can keep pace with sales and marketing folks from Oracle who some how manage to sell more and more.
   I have not yet downloaded 11G it is a big package looks like they have bundled all the components in together.
Since the package is big some one should tell Oracle to set up a download manger using with folks can control the pace of their downloads.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Providers to external Data Base other than Oracle

Andy weaver from Fishbowl has a written a how to blog to do external database look up in check in form. Check link here.
    In case your external database is some thing other than oracle than you can follow these steps to create a provider to this DB.

  • Add all your database driver jars into InstallDir/shared/classes folder
  • In InstallDir/bin Intradoc.cfg file add java class path variable to your jar files ex: JAVA_CLASSPATH_defaultjdbc=$SHAREDDIR/classes/ojdbc14.jar
  • Go to Administration --> Providers page
  • Click on Add Provider against Database provider
  • Fill new provider form and click on Add button
  • Restart content server
Now you can follow Andy's  blog create a component and do a look up to external db.