Saturday, October 10, 2009

Should Oracle Go the IBM way?

After FileNet got acquired from IBM, IBM brought all issues and problems that were inside the FileNet product support website into the open. These content were only avilable for partners and customers who had a valid login credentials to these website. Which means to see this content you should have spent enough dollars and buy support.
   Lets look at a case, many a times new patches will have some sleeper bugs or known issues. I have first hand experience where in an organisation only select few will have authorization to these website and people have to wait for these key people when they have some issue after they have applied the latest patch.
   If this info is made available in public it would make life simpler to all of us.
So should oracle go IBM way and bring content locked in Metalink into public domain?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Redirect post Login in UCM content server

If you have a requirement where you need to redirect the user to some other page after login instead of the default search page we need to over ride the LOGIN service.  Below are the details steps to take the user to the browse content page which has the list of virtual folders in the content server..
  1.  Open Component Wizard
  2. Click on Options --> Add
  3. Give suitable name to the component, do not change any of the fields.
  4. Now the new component is created and you can add resource to this component.
  5. Click on Add, under Resource Defination tab.
  6. Select service radio button
  7. Make load order as 20 (this is to make sure your component is loaded last and content server will use the LOGIN service created by us instead of the default service.)
  8. Click next,
  9. Click next
  10. Now in the Add service dialog box , Give name as LOGIN
  11. Select Service as the Service Class
  12. Leave rest of the fields blank.
  13. Click on Add button under Actions sections
  14. Select type as Java Method.
  15. Give name as prepareRedirect
  16. In parameter Text box add IdcService=COLLECTION_DISPLAY&hasCollectionID=true&dCollectionID=2 
  17. This will take your users to the browse content page. We can the IDC service as per our requirement
  18. Click OK
  19. Close all boxes.
  20. Enable the component 
  21. Restart content server
  22. Go to the portal home page and click on LOGIN
  23. You should go the desired page