Friday, September 25, 2009

Oracle UCM on vista

Pleasant surprise, UCM can run on vista home edition. I did install the Content server and site studio on my laptop. But on a single box things do get cranky some times. Some times Idc Services fails to start up with ERROR:1064, possible reason for this is that your database is not handling content server requests as expected.
After restart it was business asusal.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is UCM better placed than rest of the Gang?

         I am no high profile analyst, these taughts are purely from the trench. Is Oracle UCM offering better placed than FileNet or Documentum?
         Documnetum guys are still converting there basic doc management code to services, and stoping support for there earlier version and forcing business to migrate to new expensive versions. Thanks to oracles backing now UCM can be integrated with there other fusion middleware products like SOA, BPEL processor, weblogic server.
         For the FileNet folks they were never a major player when it came to WCM, in case you are looking for a intranet site integrated to your document management solution you end wirting the custom application interacting with FileNet.
         One draw back for UCM was the relatively large learning cruve required to integrate with existing J2EE apps, as you had to do things UCM way instead, with RIDC's introduction curve is a bit more smooth.
         Let me know what you think are the features that will clinch deals in favor of UCM