Friday, August 1, 2008

Inroduction to Content Mangement Part2

How they are managed?

Different frame works and products are developed to manage specific type of content.
•ECM  Enterprise Content, ex: insurance claim form, contracts, judgment copies.
•WCM Website Content, ex: companies’ intranet and internet websites.
•Records Manager  Complaince documents. Ex: Loan application preserved upto 4 years after repayment of loan by customer
•Email Manager  Manages emails
•Image Manager  Manages images ex CAD drawings, building blue prints.
•DAM  Digital Asset Manager, ex: images, video files, music files.

Who are the players?
Market has host of CM products both open source and proprietary.
oIBM FileNet
oOracle Universal Content Management.
•Open Source*
oOpen CMS
*This is not a exhaustive list

Most of the proprietary tools provide end to end management solutions, but are best suited for specific type of content. FileNet and Documentum are of pure ECM player, Intervowen and Oracle UCM (formerly known as Stellnet) are best suited for WCM. While choosing the product pricing, volume and type of content must be considered.

As we intend to move more towards paperless office and